¡¡¡¡Rodless Pumps Inc., establishedfounded in 1983, is one of the largest ESPmanufacturing manufacturing company in China, which produces of electric submersible pump (ESP) £¬and power cable and special cableESP surface equipment with the largest scale and leading international technology. Rodless is also a the sole specialization company of SINOPEC, engaging in research, development, manufacture and technical service of electric submersible pump (ESP), and an the only technical service center of hydraulic pump in China. Rodless is mainly engaged in design, research, manufacture and repair, sale and service of ESP units, cable, whole-set electric equipment, machining fittings and hydraulic pumps. Rodless has 1421 employees including 106 senior engineers, 361 technical personnel and 220 servicemen. Rodless headquarter occupies 480,000m2 of space, including 260,000 m2 of the manufacturing and repairing workshop. Roldess, and owns 5 cable production lines ,of cable , over 200 sets of CNC numerical lathes , and CNC machining centersprocessing centers and other special equipments, 2088 sets of inspection instruments facilities and 40 sets of large test devices. Rodless has annual is capablcapability of e to annually manufacturinge and repairing 5000 sets of ESP units, 2000 sets of hydraulic pumps, 3600 km of ESP cables, 5000 km of electric cables, 2000 sets of control panel. Rodless owns 23 national patents, and 5 design softwares related to ESP technology and products. Rodless has established ERP system for material or goods circulation management, PDM system for--- ERP, products designing management, system---PDM, ST System for and pr product test in compliance with oducts test-bench that Chinesemeets demands of national standards and relatedrelat ive API practice recommendations. Rodless was qualified for achieved ISO9001 Quality Management System certification at first time Certificate in November 1995, and later on passed the reexamination review of new version ISO9001:2000 and ISO9001:2000 UKAS in March 2002, and obtained the certificates of ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 in January 2005¡£ ¡°SLP¡±is the registered trademark of RODLESS. In order to expand the SLP pump industry business and strive for building up the fist rate of international ESP manufacturer£¬RODLESS is committed to focus onon the business basis of management policyrinciple of producing great value for customers, the society as well as thefor our company, for customers, and for the society.RODLESS has establishcarry outed the management tactic of creating building up powerful brand name of SLPthe pride in Chinese productspumps and bringing about sustainable development, . RODLESS carries out follow out the the philosophyidea of people oriented, quality-centered, bringing forth new ideas for further development and striving for perfection. Rodless is looking forward to hopes to developing tight cooperatione with various social circles, and is ready to provides excellent service to satisfy make joint efforts for the service of the customers.user.

Submersible electric screw pump
Reversing ESP units
Shrouded ESP unit
ESP units for directional well
ESP units for heavy oil well
SPB-I Horizontal water injection pump
Hydraulic non-pollution energy saving service rig
High-efficient annular plunger pump

The system of submersible
Electric control system
Electric Submersible cable
Electric cable
Hydraulic Pump
Petroleum Additives

Sevice &support

The system of submersible pump Electric control system Electric Submersible cable Electric cable Fluid operated pump

¡øAn electric sub_
mergible pumping system consists of three parts, which includes surface part, middle part and downhole ESP.

¡øQYK series control panels have protec_
tive functions of underload, overload, current imbalance,

¡øFrom figuration we can see that electric submergible cable is divided into round cable and flat cable.
  ¡øHydraulic pump includes hydraulic piston pump and hydraulic jet pump which are drove by power fluid with high pressure.

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